When the road ends, adventure begins....


...built for your adventure

Tough taker, strong giver

Our GAVON expedition trailers, based on an idea by Volker Lapp, are designed for hard use. We build them by hand and with expertise to a high standard of quality and durability.

Where it's really beautiful, where civilisation ends and the road goes no further, that's where the GAVON expedition trailer is in its element. Whether on bad gravel roads, challenging off-road terrain or simply on the tarmac, the Expedition Trailer follows you on your adventure and offers you a personal retreat on all tours, whether short or around the world.


Decades of experience combined with the highest standards of craftsmanship make each Expedition trailer a personal masterpiece.

The principle of "less is more" is particularly important in the off-road sector. The compactness of the exterior combined with the absence of unnecessary ballast ensures that our expedition trailers are faithful companions. Even in difficult terrain.

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Experience our Expedition trailer and experience what it can do for you.

Built for the best - your personal adventure.


built in our mani-factory in Kahl am Main

300 series

340 series

390 series

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at the Abenteuer Allrad trade fair in Bad Kissingen you can experience our expedition trailers:

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