High-quality craftsmanship and workmanship, robust materials, durable chassis technology - and your ideas


Our compact

Discover the world in our compact trailer


Our allrounder

340 cm of interior space gives you freedom and enough room to venture out on longer tours in comfort.


Our largest

The big one. For the big tours, big adventures and big design ideas,

GAVON expedition trailers - the frame and the chassis

The basis for our expedition trailer is the chassis. Our own design has matured over the years and ensures safe progress in all situations, is robust and also feels at home in tough terrain. One of the biggest advantages is its long-term suitability for rough roads.


Our frame construction is designed for heavy-duty use and, thanks to hot-dip galvanising with additional powder coating, is built to last.


Our chassis, based on a rigid axle in combination with parabolic leaf springs and gas pressure shock absorbers, ensures a comfortable ride on the road and a high level of off-road capability. Large drum brakes ensure the necessary safety when braking.


Our wheels are part of the whole and, thanks to the customer-specific wheel connection (bolt circle) of the axle, every trailer can roll with the same wheel/tyre combination as your towing vehicle if required. So you can save a spare wheel or go on a long tour for two

Draw gear

Our towbars, designed for a drawbar load of up to 150kg, ensure a secure connection to your towing vehicle. Equipped with a ball head coupling as standard, we can also fit a Nato eyelet on request.

Support wheel

Our large crank support wheel in a robust design, combined with a wide all-terrain wheel and a load capacity of up to 500kg, It ensures that the trailer can be manoeuvred easily and stands securely even when uncoupled.


Our robust and reliable technology ensures low-maintenance operation. We also look forward to seeing you again for an inspection, TÜV main inspection, gas test or accessory installation.

GAVON expedition trailer - the cabin

The cabin of our expedition trailers is a GRP sandwich construction, which ensures that you can drive with our expedition trailer in all seasons and always feel comfortable. The optional pop-up roof offers even more space and an airy feeling of space.

Composite construction

Our GRP sandwich cabin has an optimised wall structure and a high-quality GRP top layer. This construction ensures a high level of stability on the one hand, but is also designed to optimise weight on the other.

Flat cabin

Our standard is the flat cab. It combines compact height with high winter suitability. Life takes place outside and yet the interior height of 164 cm gives you enough space, especially for sitting and lying down, for two people. Optional roof hatches provide light and air and increase the headroom in the installation area.

High cabin

With a headroom of 184 cm, our high cabin offers more space, even for tall people, and more storage space.  The high cabin cannot be combined with the pop-up roof.


Our trailers let the sun in, more or less if you wish. Different window sizes give you the option of customising the room lighting. The windows can also be fitted with real glass as an option. We also offer a tailgate that allows the interior to become even more a part of nature.


Our paintwork is carried out according to your wishes, except for dark colours and the roof surface remains unpainted, as we want to prevent unnecessary heating. As standard, we paint according to RAL colours, with a Protector paint on the front. Optionally, we can also apply special colours (e.g. the colour of the towing vehicle) or the lower cab area in black Protector paint.


We are happy to give our expedition trailers your individual touch. If you have your own design ideas, we will be happy to realise them in their entirety. We also have a large selection of beautiful motifs.

GAVON expedition trailer - the pop-up roof

The pop-top roof - many possibilities

Pop-top roof

Our optional pop-top roof combines two major advantages. On the one hand, it offers additional sleeping space for two people and, on the other, an airy room height in the cut-out area. The windows on the side let in light and the large front opening provides plenty of air and even more light. The built-in fly screen keeps most insects out.

Lying area

The sleeping area in the pop-up roof offers you a mattress area of 190 cm x 125 cm and is simply folded away when you don't need it. You can reach your sleeping area under the stars via a variable ladder and the reading lamp ensures that you also have light high up.

Roof hatch

The roof hatch built into the pop-up roof provides you with light, including a fitted blackout blind and fly screen. The roof hatch ensures that the cabin can be easily ventilated and odours quickly dissipate when cooking inside.

Thermal insulation

Our optional thermal insulation ensures that you can leave the pop-top roof open even in cool outside temperatures. The high-quality workmanship further enhances the interior and the thermal insulation ensures that the interior does not heat up so quickly, even in summer.

Solar panels

Our solar panels can also be installed on the pop-top roof. We can install up to 330 watts here, ensuring that you remain electrically self-sufficient for a long time.

And now you!

... what is your dream? What do you absolutely need for your adventure? We'll build it for you!

GAVON expedition trailer - the interior fittings

Life takes place outside, because our expedition trailer accompanies you to the most beautiful places that nature has to offer. But when the weather drives you indoors, your personal retreat awaits you. Cosy, warm and well thought-out, the interior offers a feel-good atmosphere on the one hand and more space and room than you would expect on the other.

Floor plans

Our different floor plan variations give you the opportunity to utilise the space optimally according to your requirements. Longitudinal or transverse sleeper, optional wet room with shower and toilet and more - we really get a lot into our expedition trailers.


Our furniture is characterised by high-quality workmanship, durability and reduced weight. Different surfaces, whether white, silver or real wood, ensure that you feel comfortable.


HPL with a ship's floor look, vinyl or cork are just some of the options you have. Depending on the material, they are characterised by their durability, warmth underfoot or closeness to nature,


Our cushions, like the entire trailer, are made by hand to a high standard and are available in many different materials and colours. Robust and easy-care fabrics ensure that you sit and lie comfortably. The firmness levels can be customised.

WC room/shower

Our expedition trailer is compact on the outside and yet we can equip it with a toilet and/or shower room. Depending on the layout, there are various options that make optimum use of the space


Our trailers are unique, every single one.
However, if you have special requirements for the interior, we will sit down together and work with you to create your own personalised feel-good environment - in terms of design and function

GAVON expedition trailers - electric and more...

We make sure that you are always supplied with electricity when travelling.


We can customise the electrical equipment of our trailers from simple to complex. The focus is always on your requirements profile, which is determined by your personal use. We plan and assemble the individual components accordingly.


Our batteries, whether AGM or optional LiFePo4 batteries, ensure that you are self-sufficient with your expedition trailer. We select the optimum solution for you depending on your budget and weight requirements. Our LiFePo4 batteries are all equipped with a battery management system and heating for winter use.

Charging booster

Our charging boosters ensure that the on-board batteries of your expedition trailer are supplied with charging current from the towing vehicle while travelling. Especially if you are only parked at one location for a few days, you will get a good energy supply without any effort and even in bad weather.


Our solar panels, whether real glass or adhesive panels, are an important component for electrical self-sufficiency. Depending on the budget and cabin configuration, outputs of 100 to 720 watts are possible. Modern MPPT solar controllers ensure that the sun's energy fills your battery storage.


Our inverters ensure that you always have 220V available, no matter where you are with your expedition trailer. With capacities from 600 to 3000 watts, we customise the components to your needs. With a pure sine wave curve, you can also supply high-quality devices (e.g. laptops) with power.


Our high-quality technical components, whether Dometic, Victron Energy or Votronic, meet our high quality standards for the entire expedition trailer - and only what you need is used.

GAVON expedition trailers - heating, water and more...

Heating, cooling, cooking. Water, toilet - everything that goes with...


Our heaters, whether gas, diesel or petrol, ensure that you feel comfortable even in cold temperatures. Thermostat-controlled, they create a cosy atmosphere that lets you relax even in cold or bad weather.


Our air conditioning systems, whether as a roof-mounted or storage box version, ensure that you don't sweat too much even at high outside temperatures and can sleep comfortably


Our kitchens can be equipped in different variations. Whether a gas hob, induction hob or even a diesel ceramic hob. We install the right hob to suit your needs - and if you don't need one because you prefer to cook outside, we won't put one in.


Whether a canister solution or permanently installed water tanks, whether a submersible pump or pressurised water system - we install the right components depending on the equipment and requirements. We also offer an optional hot water supply.

Water treatment

If you are travelling the world and the water is not of the desired quality, we can help. Whether UV irradiation or water filters for various applications, we can provide you with what you need.


As compact as our trailer is, we always have a place for the toilet on request. Dry separation toilets or chemical toilets give you the option of equipping the toilet room to suit your personal needs.


Below you will find some details of equipment and options. They only show a small part of the possibilities.

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