In the beginning was the idea...

Volker Lapp

"It all started with the desire for an all-terrain trailer to accompany me on my tours. As nothing was available on the market at the time, I decided to develop something myself ..."

1980: The beginning was made with light transport trailers, which were adapted from 13/14 inch to 16 inch by means of adapter discs, so that a higher ground clearance could be achieved. As the axles were not designed for off-road use, there were problems with the wheel bearings, among other things

1990: In the next step, we replaced the axle with a refurbished old unbraked US Jeep trailer rigid axle. That was a big step forward, the axle proved itself off-road and we were able to widen the axle and also adapt it to the towing vehicle.

1992: The construction of swap-body trailers was the next stage.

Various superstructures were added, such as a platform for cargo, a box as a tub with a rear flap or a tub with a lifting lid and tent walls as a mini caravan. Bed boxes on the left and right - simple and practical!

And even back then, we designed according to the motto
"less is more"

Rigid axle as a game changer

1996: In the further development, we realised our idea of more comfort and stability and put a Hymer Eriba Puck caravan on our own off-road chassis.

At this point we had already fitted our rigid axle with 235/85R16 tyres.

2002: This was followed by the first trailers with a monopan cabin and a cabin length of 2.80 metres. Almost comfortable. These were lightweight trailers fitted with braked rigid axles from the agricultural sector.

First series production starting in 2008

The first 300 is built

2008: Series production of the first 300 trailer with a cabin length of 3.00 metres.
We gained further experience with Monopan as a cabin material and came to the conclusion that the material offers advantages in terms of stability, but unfortunately also disadvantages in terms of thermal insulation. We continue to use Monopan indoors, where we can make good use of the material's lightness and high stability.

2014: VLO Karlstein GmbH takes over the complete new development and the production of the trailer under the management of Thomas Bandhauer. With the wide-ranging technical knowledge of the new team and the practical off-road experience gained by Volker Lapp, the trailer was completely redeveloped and the foundation was laid for the trailer in its current technical form.

The 300 with a cabin length of 3 metres was the first trailer under the new management. With a great deal of technical effort and many practical tests, we developed our own spring package, which makes the chassis the centrepiece of the trailer.

2015: We wanted to retain the advantages of the "less is more" concept - light, manoeuvrable, all-terrain - and yet offer a little more space on the tours - hence the decision to extend the cabin by 40 cm. The new size also gave us the opportunity to fit our new pop-up roof. The Expedition Trailer 340 was born.

Since 2021
we are now also building the longest trailer to date with a length of 390 cm...

1 July 2021: With more production space, we are present at our new and modern location in Kahl am Main and are active under the management of Stefan Beise.

...and the development goes on!

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